Best Marriage Proposals | How To Propose A Girl For Marriage?

Almost 85% of women have admitted that they were "disappointed" with their marriage proposals. Do you know WHY?
Remember one thing; this is going to be one of the most significant moments in both your lives, so make it big and memorable, something that you can cherish all your life.

On the contrary, don't get upset about the fact that percentage of dissatisfied marriage proposals is so high, let’s see why...?

Why do most of the men fail in their  marriage proposals?

After looking for all the possible reasons, I came to the point that women dream about this moment their entire lives, which means they have already crafted many creative ideas of their own. They generally have huge expectations from their partner.

The other reason is, women are more emotional. For men the important thing is what you said, whereas for women what's important is how you said it! To perform a successful marriage proposal you need to set up a positive stage for your girl. It implies that you should do your homework well before actually proposing to her.

How to propose a girl for marriage without disappointing her?

The most important thing is your proposal need not be very costly. Many guys just ruin it by throwing a lot of money, without having any proper thought or planning about it. Be the person you really are, don't pretend to be someone else that you are not.

If you are a guy who is serious and formal kind, then let your marriage proposal be formal and serious. If you happen to be romantic guy, romance her by all means. In case if both you are daring and adventurous then do something bold and unusual. Make your marriage proposal memorable and give her something to brag about in front of her friends. Women do like stuff like that. ;)

Do your homework, work on your proposal idea, the way you did for the engagement ring. Be thoughtful and surprise her. Talk to her family and close friends and you will definitely get some very unique and creative marriage proposal ideas.

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Here are 10 very interesting and romantic marriage proposal ideas from other men. Think of your own creative marriage proposal while going through proposal ideas.
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