Romantic Ways to Propose a Girl : Sweet Romantic Proposals

You could find a tons of romantic ways to propose a girl, but even then proposing a sweet girl is not an easy task.  In fact, it is easier said than done. However, if you really like a girl and want to propose her, your proposal should be sweet, romanitic and polite. I can assure the rest that your proposal will be accepted. There should also be homework to be done before proposing a girl, have a look at them below and find some good romantic ways to propose a girl of your dream.

Give her a surprise proposal

It is important that you make your proposal a surprise to the girl. You know if you could give her a clue of your intentions, she might find ways of declining in and she would disappoint you. This however does not mean that you should take advantage of circumstances but some things are better handled as surprises.

When you make your proposal as a surprise, you are most likely to impress your girl. She will be least expecting it and so she will be more than thrilled by the whole sitting or turn of events. How then, should you proceed to unleash the surprise? It is important to make note of the following tips.

Romantic Proposals - Romantic Ways To Propose a Girl

1. You can use flowers to surprise your girl. You may choose to deliver these flowers at her work place. The flowers could be accompanied by a note stating your intentions. You must also be sure to indicate how much she means to you and that is why you would be asking for the proposal.

2. You could also be creative and find a foreign language to communicate your proposal in. you can make this in the note so that she can get some time to find the meaning of the terms or the request. You can be sure that she will feel so special. Small things like these can really add you value.

3. You can also try to find the sweetest words that you can use to describe how you feel about her. Even though she may be aware, it is important that you just remind her about how special she is and how much you adore her. She will appreciate the kind of man you are and she will take your offer.

4. You can give her what you know she loves most or what she has always wanted. Let it come as a surprise and then you can make your asking at the end of it. Maybe, you can inform her that you have a couple of surprises for her and give her a date. When she comes, you can unleash the gift and make the proposal.

5. Have an instant wedding! Be extra sure she'll say yes first though! Take her for a meal, propose and when she agrees, start the wedding on the spot! Have all her friends and family on stand by! Make sure everything is planned in fine detail!

6. Get her 3 roses: one representing the past, present and the future. The ring is attached to the third!

7. Arrange for a day at a spa followed by a photo shoot! While taking photos, get down on one knee and propose! You'll have the memory forever! Then go for a fancy meal and a 5 star hotel!

8. Arrange to meet her in the park! Show up late on a Horse wearing a rented suit of armor. As you  approach, a friend could play Holst's "Jupiter!" Get down on one knee and offer to be her prince!

You do not need to go to a school to learn great ways to propose As long as you know what your girl loves most, you will be able to make your proposal. I hope you got a good idea on romantic ways to propose a girl. Apply them in you real life. Good luck :)

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