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Find best romantic marriage proposal ideas and surprise your girlfriend. A great collection of creative and unique romantic wedding proposals.

Show her, how much you love her and give her a reason to love you even more. Make your marriage proposal sweet and memorable.

Here are 19 best marriage proposal ideas specially for you. Read all these wedding and engagement proposal ideas and you can even think of your own unique wedding proposal ideas.

1. Take her on a surprise trip somewhere special. Blindfold her so she has no idea where she is going. When you get to the spot, take off the blindfold, put your proposal before her and ask her her to marry you.

2. Another marriage proposal idea could be, place sweet notes in different spots around the house. In each spot, write something that you lve about your sweetheart, and where to find the next note. In the last note say "For all these reasons and more, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"

3. Present her a huge jigsaw puzzle with your proposal as gift and ask her to solve it. When she puts all the pieces in place bend down on your knees kiss her hand and ask her out. Put your wedding proposal in front of her.

4. Give her a dozen roses (11 real roses with one fake one in the middle). Tell her your love for her will end when the last petal falls. Propose when she figures out that the rose in the middle won't lose it's petals.

5. Go for a walk in the rain without umbrella's for an incredibly intimate and romantic experience. Pause under a tree, wipe the rain drops from her lips, lead down and kiss her, then drop to one knee and pull out the ring ask propose her for marraige

6. Prepare a banner, with the words "I Love You" or "Will You Marry Me". Stick this banner outside her home or her office, where she is bound to notice it. Please do not use her name on that banner. Better to use some nickname that only you two know of.7. Unusual places – marriage proposal while camping out, flying in a hot air balloon, or visiting a safari in Africa – any original and unique place will increase your special moment and turn it into an unforgettable moment which will long be talked of.

8. Create your wedding proposal on your webcam and then upload it online to your own marriage proposal website, clipshack, or YouTube. Either surprise her with it by telling her that you've got something to show her online. Or send her an email with a link to your proposal. Either way, be there when she views it and get down on one knee to slip the ring on her finger.

9. If your intended flies often, get friends and family to join you at the airport, where they'll each hold up signs spelling out "Will you marry me?" as your sweetheart disembarks from the plane. Make sure you're the one holding the "Me" sign!

10. Take your intended on an afternoon fishing trip to a lake out in the middle of nowhere.Make sure there is a dock.Arrange for a scuba diver to lie waiting somewhere offshore.When you arrive bait her hook and throw it in first.
The scuba diver will swim in, attach a clamshell with the ring inside to the end of the line, and then give it a tug as if there was a fish on the end. When your love brings the line in, she will notice the clam. 

When she opens it and sees the ring, that will be your cue to say ,"There are many, many pearls in the sea. But none of them are as nice as thee. So with this ring, I ask you now.Will you marry me!

11. To show that you really care for her. Invite her to a quiet and romantic dinner for just the two of you, at your place. Prepare all her favorite dishes and play her favorite music. Along with your love, it will also show how much you know about her.

13. To show that you really care for her. Invite her to a quiet and romantic dinner for just the two of you, at your place. Prepare all her favorite dishes and play her favorite music. Along with your love, it will also show how much you know about her.

14. Create a engagement proposal video, and ask the movie theater to show it as a preview before the movie. Get to the theater early, and let her watch the previews. When it gets to her slide, get down on one knee and propose.15. Surprise her with couples dancing lessons and tell her that it's so you can have the perfect 'first dance'. When she asks what the first dance is for, ask her to marry you and tell her it's for your wedding.

16. At Christmas, invite her over to your place to view your Christmas tree. Make sure that the tree is lighted, but has only a single decoration—an engagement ring. In all likelihood, her heart will melt once she sees her ring adorning your yuletide tree.

17. Turn off the lights and cuddle up during a thunderstorm - propose as you see each other through the lightning flashes.18. Write a marriage proposal in the sand for her while you are at the beach. Then call her over and let her see what you wrote.
12. Hire a plane to write your wedding proposal in the sky. Tell her to look up and watch what the plane is writing.

19. There is no need for using fanciful or big grandiloquent words to impress her. Rather,it may prove to be a big turn off. The best way is to express your true feeling in the simplest manner. 

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