Most Common Marriage Problems | Biggest Problems In Marriage

The biggest marriage problems very often arises due to small fights and arguments between couples. Here's a list of most common marriage problems.

If you or your partner make out these marriage problems signs, stop right now, save your marriage from biggest problems in marriage. Many at times these big problems are just minute misunderstandings or misconceptions which needed to be settled down by talking with your partner.

10 Common Marriage Problems Signs needed to be Solved

1. Fighting, arguing, believing that you're right
The number one most common cause of biggest problems in marriage come from fights or arguments which lead to harsh words and hurtful statements. When each of you believes you're right, it makes the other person wrong. Avoid problems in marriage by identifying the irresolvable issues and agreeing never, ever to fight about those. It's hurtful, damaging, and totally a waste of time, love, and energy. This will cut the number of fights by
from 70 to 90 Percent.

2. Being contemptuous of your partner
Contempt is the worst of the communications that cause problems in marriage. Contempt, scorn, or distain show open disrespect of your partner. When you do have to fight or argue — and you will — never, ever display contempt.

3. Displaying disgust toward your partner
Disgust causes common problems in marriage, because it shows an acute 'dislike' of your partner. It shows you are revolted, sickened, or repelled by your partner. This is the opposite of love. This erodes both of your bundles of love. Just as you control yourself so as to never strike each other physically, you must learn to control your words, gestures, and expressions — if you really care about having a happy marriage that lasts.

4. Becoming defensive, rather than listening
Defensiveness causes marriage problems. A minor disagreement can escalate into a hurtful exchange if you respond to criticism by being defensive. To have a happy marriage — that lasts — learn to respond to criticism by listening, not going on the defensive.

5. Criticizing, rather than complaining
Criticizing causes problems in marriage because it makes your partner wrong. It's fine to complain, because that's about you. A complaint is about you being unhappy. A criticism is about your partner being wrong. It's about blaming your unhappiness on your partner. That won't get you a happy marriage that lasts. Criticizing is one of the major causes of marriage problems.

6. Stonewalling: not being open to discussion
Stonewalling is a serious cause of marriage problems. Stonewalling is ignoring your partner totally — not listening or responding when your partner is speaking, complaining, or even criticizing. The message stonewalling gives is "you're not important" or "I can totally ignore or disregard what you say or feel." This isn't being there for your partner. This isn't expressing love toward your partner. This can lead to real problems in marriage.

7. Making mountains out of molehills
Take something trivial and make it hugely important, and you have the recipe for problems in marriage. Save your influence for things that are important. Practice accepting, forgiving, and forgetting the little things. Do as Richard Carlson says in his book, "Don't sweat the small stuff ... and it's all small stuff."

8. Comparing your partner to other people
One way to have problems in marriage is to compare your partner to someone else: "You're just like your father." or "You sound like your mother." Or, "Why can't you be more like Mel?" You love your partner. Your partner is incomparable. If you want a happy marriage that lasts, you'll give up the idea of ever comparing your partner to someone else.

9. Judging your partner by your expectations
If you really want to start problems in marriage, judge your partner by your own expectations.
If your partner is different in some way than what you expected, you've got two choices. You can be surprised, or you can be upset. We recommend you be surprised, because surprises make you happy. If you choose to be be upset or disappointed, we suggest you cope with that feeling, or replace it with surprise.

10. Judging Your Partner by Your Rules
Everybody is entitled to his or her own rules. I can't expect you to live by mine. You can't expect me to live by yours. So, unless you want to create marriage problems, don't expect your partner to live by your rules.

If you recognized yourself or your partner, in any of those 10 possible marriage problem signs and you really want your marriage to be happy and to last for the rest of your life, learn how to stop doing what you were doing.

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