Best Marriage Proposals | How To Propose A Girl For Marriage?

Almost 85% of women have admitted that they were "disappointed" with their marriage proposals. Do you know WHY?
Remember one thing; this is going to be one of the most significant moments in both your lives, so make it big and memorable, something that you can cherish all your life.

On the contrary, don't get upset about the fact that percentage of dissatisfied marriage proposals is so high, let’s see why...?

Why do most of the men fail in their  marriage proposals?

After looking for all the possible reasons, I came to the point that women dream about this moment their entire lives, which means they have already crafted many creative ideas of their own. They generally have huge expectations from their partner.

The other reason is, women are more emotional. For men the important thing is what you said, whereas for women what's important is how you said it! To perform a successful marriage proposal you need to set up a positive stage for your girl. It implies that you should do your homework well before actually proposing to her.

How to propose a girl for marriage without disappointing her?

The most important thing is your proposal need not be very costly. Many guys just ruin it by throwing a lot of money, without having any proper thought or planning about it. Be the person you really are, don't pretend to be someone else that you are not.

If you are a guy who is serious and formal kind, then let your marriage proposal be formal and serious. If you happen to be romantic guy, romance her by all means. In case if both you are daring and adventurous then do something bold and unusual. Make your marriage proposal memorable and give her something to brag about in front of her friends. Women do like stuff like that. ;)

Do your homework, work on your proposal idea, the way you did for the engagement ring. Be thoughtful and surprise her. Talk to her family and close friends and you will definitely get some very unique and creative marriage proposal ideas.

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Here are 10 very interesting and romantic marriage proposal ideas from other men. Think of your own creative marriage proposal while going through proposal ideas.
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4 Tips To Find The Love Of Your Life - Knowing Your Prince Charming Well

Looking for your soul mate? Have you already gave up on finding that person you dreamed so long? Are you disappointed with your relationships today? Often we lose the hope of finding Prince Charming, the wonderful man who will want to share his life with us.

find the love of your lifeDo not worry if you have not found your soul mate, this is difficult, takes time, and sometimes the wrong process involves not one but several times ... so much so that 50% of women admit that they had chosen a different partner who have now.

 But you can find this man, why not?

4 tips to find the love of your life:

1. Take notes on what you want.
  • Write down what you really want and while looking for a man or companion.
  • Keep your notes in a safe but easily accessible.
  • Check your notes frequently.
Never underestimate the power of the pen. Now it may seem an absurd suggestion, but it is ... do it and later will understand and be thankful you did.

2. Get rid of bad relationships.
There are relationships that influence us negatively. Put aside those friendships and relationships that drag you down, do not let you grow and they are stealing the most important years of your life, you're living right now .

find the love of your lifeIf necessary you can act kindly or aggressively, but the important thing is to identify your current relationships (both family and friendship) and get rid of all those relationships that today are more hurting than helping.

3. Imagine your perfect match.
How would your relationship with him? What would life with someone like that? How do you feel? Imagine a perfect day, close your eyes and remember what it feels like to be in love. 

Try to visualize in your mind and heart how would your life be with your love. Dive into these wonderful feelings! Because in case you've forgotten ... is something I feel very good.

4. Looking for guidance.
Trust someone. Seek help from a person who can really advise you, someone to watch over you, support you, but to be able to tell the truth even if it hurts. Someone acting as a mentor or counselor who can talk about everything and respect. 

find the love of your lifeIt will help you avoid making the same mistakes as before, and should always have someone to see things "outside", without being involved as will you. At times you may recommend not to go with someone, but can also help you see what you do not see, perhaps someone you are not considered and should.

We all have someone unique and special for us, our "other half". Finding the person you want to share life is not simple, and often err, but to err is part of the process and perhaps you are more closer to finding that person than you think right now.

Give yourself a chance, and see with new eyes and find your "soul mate", that all we do. Cheer up!

4 Unique Marriage Proposals To Make Your Girl Say YES

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marriage proposalsAre you thinking of proposing marriage to your girlfriend? Here are a few original marriage proposal ideas, with which you can impress and surprise your partner. Keep in mind that a marriage proposal is something that you'll remember lifelong! Try to make it as special and meaningful as possible.

PUBLIC Marriage Proposals

Talk to your local cinema theater, and buy a slide that comes before the movie. You can design it yourself, and when she will be surprised to see your proposal, ask her for marriage.

Put a fence with the message on the road that takes your girlfriend to the office. When she reaches there, she finds you waiting there, with a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Create a web page, where you declare your love and intentions. Let your partner have a key of the website. Do not say anything. After your marriage proposal is accepted, the page can be send to all your friends and family.

PRIVATE Marriage Proposals

marriage proposals
Prepare a bath for two, and put in a floating candle or a toy duck, ring. Make a bed of roses into the tub.

Turn off all lights in your house and make a path with candles to circle the ring.

Put a red ribbon from one point to another point in your home. Hang little notes with all the best moments in your relationship. At the end of the other end, put yourself in the ring in his hand.

You don't have to propose with the diamond ring. Buy another jewel or a watch, and send-record "Marry Me".

Sometimes the key is not how you ask the question, but where. Find a special place, perhaps where you met, where you were on your first date. When you are in such a place, kneel down and ask.

SURPRISE Marriage Proposals

marriage proposalsIf you really want to surprise your partner. Get a large box, and wrap it in pretty paper with a bun, and put a card that says that the gift in it is a gift for life. Get inside of the box, and pop your marriage proposal at the door of her house.

A surprise trip is a very good idea. Take your partner blindfolded, so she do not know where both of you're going (pack your suitcase before). Once you reach your destination, ask the question.


marriage proposalsEnter M & M chocolates Hershey's Kisses and your marriage proposal, and put in a table, bed, kitchen. Take your partner to read it, then you can eat it!

Surprise your partner with a gift basket. Put many delicacies: the best chocolate, caviar, coffee, champagne. You can also add a book, CD, or something that makes it personal. Hide the ring in a nice box, and put it in the middle.

If you are going to take her to dinner at a fancy restaurant, talk to the chef before to put it on your plate for dessert with chocolate sauce: Would you marry me? 

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